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Parenting Training

Focus on aspects of children's development because they focus more on work. This was compounded by mothers in supporting the work of the fathers.

The condition and socio-economic condition of the community causes many children not to get good attention in terms of nutrition and growth of children in fine motor development, gross motor skills, language development and social development. Not paying attention to the development of the child results in frequent encounters of children who are late in speaking, late in taking lessons spent without the help of low socialization.

Delays in the child's development phase will hamper development in the next phase so that the child is more withdrawn from its development than children who get optimal attention from their parents.

The other side is many parents and early childhood educators who have not been able to distinguish between hyperactive children and bad children, so it is very possible to treat the child with hyperactivity. Handling hyperactive children requires synergy from several therapies, including psychological therapy, medical and occupational therapy.

With that on 17th February 2019. Al-Amjad Islamic College held a Children's Care Seminar at Al-Amjad Islamic College Hall with the theme "My Close Friend" which was filled and delivered by Ms. Kurniasari Mulia, S.P, which was attended by hundreds of parents of Al-Amjad students.The seminar shows the importance of the role of parents in educating and caring for children. So that the closest friends of the children are their own parents. Because Mother is the First Madrasah for her children. If School First the children do not understand the character taught, what about the next level of schooling.

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